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Our debut picture book, Philippe and The Marshmallow & Candy Floss Clouds is available now to own. Please visit our Shop to purchase directly or you can buy through Amazon and Kobo. It will also be released on Apple Books and Google Play soon.

What if tomorrow’s weather report said that we could eat the clouds in the sky? What if some were said to taste like marshmallows and others, like candy floss? Would you hop on a plane tomorrow to eat the sky? Well, that’s exactly what happens to one young boy in Philippe and The Marshmallow & Candy Floss Clouds.

Philippe is a boy with a big imagination. One day, the weather forecast predicts edible clouds that taste just like marshmallow and candy floss. Will Philippe finally be able to try the confectionery clouds in the sky? This delightful and uplifting tale will have you looking up to the sky in a whole new way and have you wishing every day were a cloudy day! You are definitely in for a treat with this one!


“… I enjoyed reading…” “… interesting and original…” -Fiona Kenshole, formerly of Laika Entertainment, producers of Oscar nominated, animated feature films Coraline, Paranorman and The Boxtrolls

“It’s quite… (pardon the pun), very sweet and this idea of edible clouds is very, very cute. You have a beautiful first line. Really wonderful… very magical… a lovely idea.” –Clare Hallifax, Scholastic Australia (Omnibus Books)

“This is a really fun and fresh idea.” –Lisa Berryman, HarperCollins Publishers Australia

“…very nice story and concept.” Emma Borghesi, Brolly Books Australia

“… fun for kids and educational.” Cathy Teets, Headline Books Inc. USA

“I liked Rocky Road Airlines.”  – Suzanne O’ Sullivan, Hachette Australia Books

“Lennice A. Norwood’s Philippe and The Marshmallow and Candy Floss Clouds will confirm what kids have been sure of forever—those fluffy clouds are actually candy. Her story is an imaginative delight as people of all ages swoon over the wonders of a sky that rains candy drops. Norwood’s color pencil illustrations are marvellous! I especially appreciated the distinctly individual faces she gives her characters and her attention to details. And while the rainbow bearing fruits and vegetables brings a bit of healthy dose of reality back, the upbeat and festive air of the story continues unabated. Philippe and The Marshmallow and Candy Floss Clouds is most highly recommended.”- Jack Magnus, Reader’s Favorite 


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… the South Australian Public Library Services for adding our book to their online ebook catalogue collection on Overdrive and for being our very first sale. Thank you!

…New York Family Magazine for their mention of our book in their digital magazine editorial for March 19th, 2020. Thank you!

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We at Grasshopper Books are excited to announce that a hardcover print edition of Philippe and The Marshmallow and Candy Floss Clouds is available now to order! This edition is made to order and can be purchased through the following link: Philippe and The Marshmallow & Candy Floss Clouds Hardcover Print

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