About Us

Grasshopper Books intends to bring quality reading experiences to the next generation. We’re not in the business for the business. We’re about storytelling and while we wish to entertain lots of readers, we’re not just about promoting and selling book after book.

In a forest full of derivative books you might find printed often, we aim to leap out of the woods with new and exciting stories for the next generation of readers… ones we ultimately want to become future classics. 

Our goal is to emulate and not recreate the types of books we remember reading growing up. Simply put, fun and engaging stories that uplift, inspire and may even instill some values. No empty tricks or gimmicks, no overly maudlin or downcast themes and last, but not least nothing unoriginal. 

At this stage, we are publishing e-books, but we hope to be in print soon. Watch this page! 

Thank you. Now let’s leap into reading! 

Our debut picture e-book Philippe and The Marshmallow and Candy Floss Clouds is available now!


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